PTI Technologies Exhibits at the 3rd Annual Military Aviation & Air Dominance Summit

May 27, 2021

June 2-3, 2021 | Campus No. 805, Huntsville, AL

Oxnard, California – 27 May 2021 – PTI Technologies is set to present at the upcoming 3rd Annual Military Aviation & Air Dominance Summit hosted by The Defense Strategies Institute. This event provides members within the Military Aviation community, Acquisitions Authorities, academia, industry, and other critical partners, the opportunity to have a ‘Town-Hall’ style discussion on the strategic initiatives and operational goals being prioritized across the Joint Force to ensure air dominance. This Summit will detail how the Military Services are leveraging emerging technologies to make aircraft more agile, networked & lethal across large-scale combat operations.


PTI Technologies 421® : The Ideal Filter Medium

Why You Should Select 421® Robust Filter

PTI Technologies’ random fiber filter media is the highest performance media on the market today. It will give you a higher purity end product, a lower pressure drop, and a higher contaminant retention capacity than either woven metallic wire cloth or sintered powder metal. 421® robust filter elements are ideal for filtration of highly viscous, high temperature, cryogenic and corrosive chemicals.

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PTI Technologies is a world leader in filtration and fluid control subsystems and equipment for commercial, regional and business aircraft and for military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. PTI Technologies filtration and fluid controls products are used in hydraulics, fuel, thermal management, lubrication, bleed air, environmental air/cabin air and water systems on aircraft.  PTI Technologies has approximately 250 employees and is part of the Aerospace & Defense Group of ESCO Technologies, a publically traded company listed on the NYSE.

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