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PTI Technologies partners with Boom Technology on their
XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator Jet


Fly Safer – Keeping Cabin Air Safe for Airlines

In the enclosed environment of passenger aircraft cabins it is vital to maintain aircraft cabin air quality to minimize harmful particles from circulating throughout the cabin and cockpit. Passengers may be more at ease if they knew that cabin air circulation and ventilation are carefully engineered to disperse and re-direct the smaller droplets that can remain suspended.

PTI’s CabinSafe® filters are designed to remove both smaller particles (such as viruses, bacteria and atmospheric dust) as well as larger particles (such as lint and pollen).


PTI Technologies has been serving the Aerospace and Industrial markets for nearly 100 years

When it comes to solving complex filtration and fluid flow problems, we’ve been there providing innovative value added solutions.


PTI Technologies is a leading provider of filtration systems and equipment to the commercial transport, helicopter, military and corporate aviation markets.

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PTI provides high performance filtration products for high, medium and low pressure hydraulic applications as well as lubrication systems with inline, duplex, in-tank, inverse-T and spin-on filter assemblies.

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Finding the proper filter is critical in manufacturing.

Lets us help you find the right one for you.

At PTI, we confidently provide our customers with appropriate solutions for their needs. Our ability to apply advanced technology in creating unique, environmentally responsible filtration solutions sets us apart from all others.