Aerospace Overview

PTI Technologies is a leading provider of filtration systems and equipment to the commercial transport, helicopter, military and corporate aviation markets. Our expertise extends to virtually any hydraulic, fuel, lubrication, coolant, or pneumatic system found on an aircraft, from main hydraulics and flight controls, electronics, to APU’s and main engines.

Historical Milestones:

  • In 1964 PTI introduced the integrated manifold-filter assembly “filter module” design concept to the aerospace industry.
  • Our design library for engine filtration includes over 300 custom applications.
  • Our filtration products log more than 250 million flying hours annually
  • PTI filters have been a part of every Shuttle mission since 1978.

We are the leading hydraulic filter supplier to The Boeing company and a leading supplier for airframes worldwide.

PTI has been synonymous with filtration product innovation for nearly 100 years. From the first disposable, pleated Oil Filter for the automotive industry and high pressure hydraulic filter element for the Boeing 727 and DC-9 transports to the first integrated filter manifold introduced on the Lockheed S3A Viking aircraft, PTI has been developing and applying technology to solve unique aerospace filtration problems.

We continue to refine an integrated product team approach to the design, development and qualification of state of the art filtration systems and flow control devices. This method, which includes close technical collaboration with the customer, often results in consultation in preliminary and conceptual design of filtration systems on new aircraft applications with our customers.