PTI Technologies Presents at the Army Aviation Association of America

December 9, 2022

Oxnard, California – 9 December 2022 – PTI Technologies, Inc. is excited to become a member of the Army Aviation Association of America Inc. Formed in 1957, AAAA is the only not-for-profit organization dedicated to representing the broad interests of Army Aviation with membership comprised of over 18,000 Active Duty, Reserve Components (Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve), government civilian, retired, industry, affiliated organizations, and friends of Army Aviation.

PTI looks forward to being a part of this great community and continuing to provide innovative, value-added solutions for a full range of mission, flight and life-critical operations to support the U.S. Army Aviation soldier and family.

Featured Product

421® Metal Fiber Media

PTI Technologies’ metal fiber filter media is the highest-performance media on the market today. It will give you a higher purity end product, a lower pressure drop, and a higher contaminant retention capacity than either woven metallic wire cloth or sintered powder metal. 421® metal fiber media filter elements are ideal for filtration of high viscosity, high temperature, high vibration, dynamic, or corrosive fluid applications.

Other Products Supporting Military Platforms

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PTI Technologies is a world leader in highly-reliable filtration and fluid control equipment and subsystems and miniature CAD/PAD devices. Our product portfolio, used in hydraulics, fuel, thermal management, lubrication, bleed air, environmental air/cabin air, water systems, ejection seats, fire suppression, escape slides, missiles and munitions, is a direct result of our extensive engineering design experience and customer obsession.  PTI provides innovative, value-added solutions for a full range of mission, flight and life-critical operations across the Aerospace and Defense markets.

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