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PTI Technologies is the Leader in Industrial Filtration

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Industrial Filtration – PTI Technologies is a World Leader in Industrial Filtration

Since 1923, PTI Technologies, Inc. has pioneered the way for filtration technologies. From innovating the world’s first disposable filter, over 90 years ago, PTI now offers industrial filters for an enormous range of applications. Our filters can be found in the power behind such diverse industries as robotics, pharmaceutical companies, agriculture, commercial transport, aerospace and manufacturing. PTI not only designs, but develops, manufactures, markets and distributes high technology filter elements, modules, filtration and fluid flow equipment. To support the immediate needs of customers and applications, PTI and their authorized distributors also provides OEM, interchange filter elements, and spare parts throughout the world. With nearly a century of engineering, development and manufacturing experience, PTI is in a leading position to provide solutions for virtually any industrial filtration and fluid flow application.

Industrial filtration includes a wide array of filtration methods. Although industrial filtration methods vary, the broad definition remains the same–process whereby aerosols or particulates are separated from liquid or gas by means of a porous material. The porous material, or filter, traps the contaminant while allowing the gas or fluid to permeate through. The liquid or gas that has not been filtered is referred to as “the feed.” It flows through the filter medium, using various pressurized settings. Once the purified liquid or gas, has passed through the filter, it is known as “the filtrate”. Depending on the industry application, the filtrate is put to immediate use or filtered again for further refinery. Industrial filtration is crucial to the efficiency and life span of the fluid power mechanism

Ever since PTI Technologies introduced the world’s first-to-market ‘Purolator’ filter in the 1920’s, we’ve continued that legacy by engineering filters that maintain the highest purity, no matter the system. PTI ranks among the leading top ten in the worldwide fluid filtration industry. We hold high ratings on quality, seals, response, reputation, customer service and innovation.  Our industrial filtration products meet and exceed applicable industry standards. Our technical expertise in the field of industrial filtration has produced hundreds of product applications ranging from simple filter elements to complex hydraulic control manifolds currently used in aerospace and industrial applications.

The Medium Puts our Filters on Top

PTI also builds custom industrial filter elements to exacting customer specifications. Every filter is rigorously tested to meet requirements for particle removal, dirt capacity, pressure drop, and fluid compatibility. PTI filters are comprised of depth filters and woven mesh filters–providing both disposable and reusable options. Whether custom or a solution from our available product line, PTI’s industrial filters accommodate various pressure settings ranging from 150 PSI to 8,000 PSI and can withstand temperatures ranging from an astounding -65° to 1000° F (-54° to 538°C). A key feature to PTI’s industrial filtration is PTI’s groundbreaking, proprietary Glas-Tech® micro-fiberglass media. Glas-Tech® not only protects critical components, but offers increased efficiency, shelf life and service life. This filter medium can be found in a wide variety of fluid power applications, such as construction equipment and power generation stations. Any other filter you need can be found using our quick and easy filter finder.

At PTI, we understand efficient design, development and production operations are the cornerstones of a successful industrial filtration product. With expert R&D, dedicated Engineering Departments and a complete in-house manufacturing and testing facility, we are uniquely equipped to translate your filtration concept and needs into unparalleled performance.

We invite you to contact us now to learn more about PTI Technologies Inc. and the solutions we can provide for you.