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PTI Pioneers Industrial Filtration Technology

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Industrial Filtration – PTI Technologies is the Leader in Industrial Filtration

Since introducing the first disposable oil filter for automobiles in the 1920s, PTI Technologies Inc. has continued to pioneer industrial filtration elements in design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.  PTI offers a wide range of innovative industrial filtration products and engineering support services for use in Aerospace, Fluid Power and Chemical Processing. PTI’s filtration elements are essential components of fluid system processes in virtually every industry.

Along with PTI’s replacement industrial filtration products, our custom industrial filtration elements are designed to meet exacting customer specifications. Custom solutions are created using advanced computer aided technology and carefully analyzed to optimally meet the complex system matrix of particle removal, dirt holding capacity, pressure drop and fluid compatibility.

All of our industrial filtration solutions are mechanically strong, combat the corrosive action of the fluid and offer as little resistance to flow as possible. PTI’s filter materials include micro-fiberglass, phenolic-impregnated cellulose and polyester. The choice of media for industrial filtration depends largely on the nature of the contaminants that will be encountered by specific hydraulic systems. Elements comprised of a depth-type filtration media, such as woven mesh, are offered in both disposable and cleanable configurations. These accommodate operating pressures of up to 8000 PSI and temperatures ranging from – 65 degrees to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industrial Filtration and Dependability

Studies indicate that up to 75% of fluid power system failure is attributable to fluid contamination.  Particulate and water contamination can be introduced during the manufacture of system components, or generated internally from the hydraulic components themselves–especially pumps and motors. Just running the hydraulic machinery can result in damaging metal chips and filings, and the hydraulic filter is responsible for removing these objects. Other internal contaminants include plastic and rubber particles generated by abraded seals and bearings.

Although hydraulic fluid moves through a relatively closed system, filters are essential to the proper functioning of a fluid power system. Hydraulic systems must consider the contaminant tolerance level of the device, as well as the acceptable drop in pressure caused by the filter. These factors are key when identifying the proper industrial filtration medium, positioning and design. The type of filter media selected and the construction of the filter are critical to the proper functioning of any fluid power system. PTI uses high-level analysis and innovation in both choosing the materials and throughout the manufacturing process.

Industrial Filter Selection Criteria

A filter’s effectiveness can be determined by its rating. ISO 4406, is a standard measure of the contaminant level found in a given filter system. A filter with a lower ISO cleanliness rating will more thoroughly remove contaminants and can prolong the life the hydraulic system.

The beta ratio is another measure of a filter’s efficiency. Put simply, the beta ratio is the number of contaminant particles upstream of the filter divided by the number downstream. The beta ratio provides that filter’s percent efficiency for a given contaminant size. Hydraulic filters with a greater beta ratio are preferable. PTI filters have a reputation for having some of the most notable beta ratios in the industry.

Here are some other key indicators to consider when selecting the best industrial filter for your application:

  • Maximum Flow Rate – amount of fluid flow through the filter
  • Maximum Operating Pressure – the maximum pressure that the filter can withstand
  • Port Size – size of inlet and outlet ports connecting to the hydraulic fluid system
  • Pressure Drop – does the system have enough energy to move the fluid through the filter

No matter the specifications, PTI creates industrial filters with best-performing ratings to meet the needs of our clients.

The PTI Difference

PTI designs and manufactures industrial filtration elements that support the fluid power systems found in almost every industry. We’re dedicated to solving a customer’s needs through innovative solutions developed in close concert with the customers themselves. PTI’s product lines serve customers worldwide in an astonishing array of markets. See for yourself, using our quick and easy filter finder. If you don’t pinpoint exactly what you need, PTI takes pride in offering custom solutions using the same care, quality and engineering that goes into every product we make. PTI also offers a large range of replacement and interchange filter elements for PTI and competitor industrial filter assemblies.

Efficient design, development and production operations are the cornerstones of a successful industrial filtration product. At PTI, we understand this better than anyone. With expert R&D and Engineering Departments–and a complete manufacturing and testing facility–we are uniquely equipped to translate your filtration concept and needs into unparalleled performance.

Contact us today to learn more about PTI Technologies and the solutions we provide.