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PTI Inline Hydraulic Filters — Robust and Reliable

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PTI Inline Hydraulic Filters — Robust and Reliable

The primary function of hydraulic filtration is to lengthen the life of a hydraulic system. It’s sad to say, but the number one reason for hydraulic failure is simply contamination. Machine inefficiencies–due to hydraulic system downtime–can be incredibly costly, disruptive and can also be easily avoided. Maintaining the purity of hydraulic fluid and keeping hydraulic systems in optimal condition, relies on high-quality inline hydraulic filters.

PTI Technologies Inc. provides top quality performance inline and In-Tank hydraulic filter assemblies for high, medium, and low pressure hydraulic systems. System operating pressures range up to 5,000 pounds per square inch (psi) in aircraft and rotorcraft. PTI filtration solutions maintain the required purity of your hydraulic fluid thereby minimizing inefficiencies. With PTI filters you can avoid excessive repair costs and maintain optimal hydraulic system effectiveness. The PTI family of products also includes lubrication systems with inline, duplex, in-tank, inverse-T and spin-on filter assemblies.

Every product PTI manufactures is regarded as the highest-quality in the industry. This is reflected in the team’s design, material selection, engineering, integration and support.  PTI inline hydraulic filters are rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards. They feature multi-layer construction for increased dirt-holding capacity, resulting in reduced pressure drop and overall pressure fluctuation. All elements are tested to the latest industry standards including ISO 16889 procedure for multi-pass efficiency testing. Best of all, PTI products are backed by over 90 years of innovation and performance.

PTI proudly offers  low pressure inline type hydraulic filter assemblies, such as the F8G 150-250 Series and the F8D 120 Series, as well as medium pressure and high pressure products. PTI’s industrial product line of inline hydraulic filters support pressure ratings up to 6,000 psig and flow rates up to 600gpm. These filters are provided as OEM products manufactured to exact specifications. PTI’s inline hydraulic filters are guaranteed to meet the precise fit, form and function of your hydraulic systems. PTI also provides expert engineer support for all of its filters, to ensure all of your hydraulic oil purification needs are met.

PTI manufacturers inline hydraulic filters in the following industrial markets:

  1. Power generation
  2. Primary metals
  3. Pulp and paper
  4. Mobile equipment
  5. Industrial equipment

We’re a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of high technology filter elements, modules, and filtration and fluid flow equipment.  Today, PTI products are hard at work in virtually every major industry including aerospace, chemical process, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, microelectronics, agriculture, and many more.

Efficient design, development and production operations are the cornerstones of a successful filtration product. At PTI, we understand this better than anyone.  With expert R&D and engineering departments and a complete manufacturing and testing facility, we are uniquely equipped to translate your filtration concept and needs into real performance.

PTI provides interchange elements for the following filter manufacturers: Cim-Tek, Donaldson, Fleetguard, Hycon, Hydac, Mahle, Pall, Parker, Purolator-Facet, Schroeder, Stauff, Vickers, Western and others. Our filter Assembly product lines include:

  • F1P 015-120 T-Type
  • F2P 015-030 T-Type
  • F2P 050-120 T-Type
  • F1L 025 T-Type
  • F1M 015-120 T-Type
  • F7L 040-100 Duplex
  • F1F 018-050 T-Type
  • F5D 070-150 In-Tank
  • F7F 040-100 Duplex
  • F8D 120 In-Line
  • F8G 150-250 In-Line
  • FHD 040-080
  • FJD 040-080
  • FRF 060-100 Duplex
  • FBG 015 L-Type
  • FSF (RePakTM) 050-070 T-Type
  • F4E 030-040 Spin-On
  • F4E 050-070 Spin-On
  • F4F 030-040 Spin-On
  • F4S 050 Spin-On
  • PG 015-030 Series Filter Elements
  • PG 050-120 Series Filter Elements
  • P83 100-250 Series Filter Elements
  • DP83 150-250 Series Filter Elements – Deep Pleat
  • RP83 150-250 Series Filter Elements – RePakTM
  • H83 100-250 Series Filter Elements – Replace Hilco, Kaydon, Refilco & others
  • HF3 015-060 Series Filter Elements – Replaces Pall 9600 and 9601 Elements
  • PC83 150-250 Series Filter Elements – Replaces Pall 8304 and 8314 Elements
  • RH83 150-250 RePakTM Series Filter Elements – Replace Hilco, Kaydon, Refilco & others
  • FK 010-020 Series Filter Elements – Replaces Pall 9020 and 9021 Elements
  • DryPakTM Series Hydrophilic Moisture Control Elements
  • Glas-Tech® Proprietary Media

Increase the life of your hydraulic systems and drastically reduce operating expenses by locating inline hydraulic filters for your fluid power system with PTI’s filter finder.

Contact us today to learn more about PTI Technologies and the unsurpassed solutions we provide.