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PTI Facet Interchange Filters – The Best Aviation Filter Solutions

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PTI Facet Interchange Filters – The Best Aviation Filter Solutions

PTI Technologies Inc. is a trusted name in aviation filtration. Years of research, development and innovation have empowered PTI to engineer an expansive range of interchange filters to meet the complex purity requirements of aviation fuels. Filters, from PTI, provide superior engine safeguarding to aeronautical enterprises that cannot afford inoperable machinery. With over 90 years of experience, PTI continues to develop aviation and aerospace solutions that propel the industry forward. Our facet interchange filters simply stand above all other alternatives. Thousands of aviation and aerospace leaders around the globe make PTI facet interchange filters their trusted choice for protecting the coolers, reservoirs and engines of hundreds of thousands of their vehicles. Here are 3 reasons why PTI Technologies, Inc. should be your number one choice for facet interchange filters.

Superior Water and Dirt Removal

Emulsified and free water are some of the primary causes of aviation system failures. Emulsified water is a stable mixture of immiscible fluids, such as oil and water, which has been finely divided into small droplets. Free water settles from oil quickly. Left unmanaged, these liquids travel through the system and severely damage the engine. PTI facet interchange filters remove free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels – to the ppm (parts per million) level.

As aerospace vessels travel through many environments–beaches, deserts and developing lands– they come in contact with dirt particles compound the clean fuel challenge. It is critical to have a filter that removes hostile dirt ingested into the engine’s oil system. Other unwelcome threats include carbon and metal wear particles caused by engine heat and friction. Precision facet interchange filters, created by PTI Technologies, Inc. reliably remove these contaminants down to a few microns.

The PTI payoff – Top Efficiency & Extended Life

One of the best benefits of choosing PTI facet interchange filters is the high level of efficiency and life that is brought to your aviation vessels. Fewer failures and malfunctions equate to clean fuel results from a high-performing engine. Our facet interchange filters also reduce the wear and tear on your maintenance teams. Once installed, PTI filters decrease in your oil change intervals to also reduce machinery downtime—and improve your bottom line. Our facet interchange filters have also been shown to increase bearing, gear and seal life, and further reducing resources.

By choosing PTI facet interchange filters, you are not just choosing the best component to protect valuable fuel and parts; you are choosing increased efficiency, added life and reduced costs for your entire operation.

Best in Class Support

Innovation, quality and customer service distinguish PTI’s customer support. Our ongoing commitment to meeting your unique needs is demonstrated by our rigorous filter testing, installation assistance and customer support. Each filter assembly comes with the latest ISO standards and a team of skilled engineers who are available to provide our legendary performance and service. PTI is an FAA and EASA approved repair station and we hold NADCAP certification for welding and brazing.

Our company excels at meeting the most demanding requests. Our products perform consistently in the most extreme environments. In short, you’ll find PTI facet interchange filters outrunning the competition and soaring above rest. Experience the PTI Technologies, Inc. difference today by utilizing our easy  filter finder to pinpoint your solution.

For more advanced help and expert application assistance, contact us today to learn more about the PTI Technologies advantage.