Standard Micron Rated Particle Elements with Integral Water Removal


  • Long-Life PTI ßx(c) ≥ 1000 Glas-Tech® media
  • Low cost ongoing moisture control
  • No significant clean delta-p increase
  • Minor delta-p increase with a water saturated element
  • Extends element life
  • Controls and reduces free water, emulsified water, and dissolved water while maintaining the ISO cleanliness of the system



PTI DryPak™ Elements are inexpensive, cost-effective units that provide moisture control within a standard Particle Control Element. Water contamination adversely affects oil by catalyzing oxidation and rapidly depleting water-sensitive additives. Reducing water in oil stabilizes viscosities, reduces corrosion, inhibits the generation of waxes and gels, and protects depletion of the oil additive package. DryPak™ Elements protect systems against moisture-related conditions in the new, high performance fluids while in many cases extending the filter change intervals of elements in the system.

Industrial Elements