PTI Introduces Electronic Systems Cooling Filters

12:58 08 March in

Oxnard, CA, November 17, 2011 – PTI Technologies Inc., a leading provider of filtration products for the aerospace industry, has announced the introduction of Electronic Systems Cooling Air Filters as a new member of the PTI family of aerospace products. The FAA-PMA approved Electronic Systems Cooling Air Filters removes airborne contaminates to provide clean airflow to cool the avionics electronics equipment (E/E) compartments.

PTI’s Electronic Systems Cooling Air Filters meet and exceed OEM and FAR requirements for filtering the E/E cooling air supply. The filter is designed to remove airborne contaminates from the system air used to cool and maintain high-tech avionics equipment. In side by side testing, the E/E Cooling Filter (p/n 7600003-101) had a higher dirt holding capacity than the OEM Filter.

The Electronic Systems Cooling Air Filters are FAA-PMA approved for installation on Boeing 717 (p/n 7600004-101) and Boeing 737 and 757 (p/n 7600003-101) series aircraft.

PTI Technologies Inc. is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of high technology filter elements, modules, and filtration and fluid flow equipment. PTI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. PTI has demonstrated leadership in the design and development of products ranging from permanent filtration elements to light-weight titanium modules for flight applications.