PTI Announces the Expansion of Their Cabin Air & Cabinsafe Filter Product Line

12:42 08 March in

Oxnard, CA, June 9, 2015 – PTI Technologies Inc., a leading provider of filtration products for the aerospace industry, is proud to announce the expansion of its Cabin Air and CabinSafe Filter products. Adding to the initial release of products supporting the Boeing and Embraer airframes, the expansion targets the Airbus and Bombardier platforms providing a full line of Cabin Air products for the aerospace market. The FAA-PMA approved Cabin Air and CabinSafe Filters remove airborne contaminates leaving the cabin environment comfortable and pleasant for the crew and passengers.

PTI’s Cabin Air Filters meet and exceed the OEM and FAR requirements of 99% efficiency in capturing 0.3 micron particles in the aircraft cabin air recirculation systems. The filters are designed to remove microscopic airborne particles including dust, pollen, lint, smoke, spores, hydraulic mist (Skydrol), bacteria, viruses, and other contaminates.

PTI Technologies Inc. is a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and distribution of high technology filter elements, modules and filtration products. PTI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. PTI Technologies continues to demonstrate leadership in the design and development of products ranging from permanent filtration elements to light-weight titanium modules for flight application.

PTI, headquartered in Oxnard, California, is a proven supplier of fluid power filtration products for hydraulic and lubrication systems. Further information regarding PTI and our product offering is available on the Company’s website at