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How PTI Technologies Empowers Fluid Power Use

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Fluid Power – How PTI Technologies Empowers Fluid Power Use

Most people don’t realize the far-reaching impact that fluid power has on their everyday lives. It powers critical mechanics for industries, such as transportation, health care, aerospace–even theme parks. Fluid power is the use of fluid to transmit energy. Aside from being found in everyday uses, fluid power can be found in many critical industrial uses. It generates the power to produce everything from the finest robotics movement to automating an entire factory production line.

Hidden behind every hardworking fluid power operation are hardworking filters. Maintaining a robust fluid power system requires regular maintenance and filters that specifically target the particles that lead to the breakdown of the fluid power mechanism. PTI Technologies Inc., a manufacturer of the world’s best industrial filters, provides filter solutions that keep nearly every fluid power application running at peak performance. We produce a comprehensive line of industrial filtration products that prevent contamination, from cutting into your production time and bottom line.  Our filters keep fluid power systems performing optimally throughout their life cycle. And PTI offers filters for both liquid (hydraulic) or gas (pneumatic) powered systems.

The difference between a hydraulic and pneumatic system is that the former relies on liquids (mainly oils) while the latter is dependent on gases (typically compressed air). Fluid power systems, relative to other technologies, reduce the steps necessary to convert motion from rotational to linear–creating a more efficient process. And efficiency is just what you’ll find in all our products.

You can find fluid power in a surprising array of industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Theme Park Rides
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Robotic Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Health
  • Chemical
  • Process Filtration


Hydraulic systems are used to power the brakes on your car. They are also used to power the landing equipment on commercial and military aircraft. The critical operation of landing gear, flaps, flight control surfaces, and brakes on aircraft is also accomplished with hydraulic power systems.

The fluid in fluid power systems must be continuously filtered to prevent contamination from particles, debris and water. Although the hydraulic fluid moves through a relatively closed system, the fluid is subject to contamination from debris generated internally from the hydraulic components themselves. The result? Costly damage from eroding pumps, motors and other hydraulic system components. PTI’s durable filtration systems ensure that your fluid power system is performing optimally. Investing in PTI’s quality filters also extends the overall life cycle of your fluid power system.

PTI offers a wide family of filter products for hydraulic systems. These include high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure hydraulic systems. PTI also provides custom filter solutions for every need in between. Of course, all our products are built to exacting specifications and our replacement parts are based on reliable industry standards.


Pneumatic power systems are used in many components, such as air brakes on buses, trucks and trains. Pneumatic power systems use pressure, exerted from compressed gas, that is then navigated through multiple valves. Pneumatic systems, can be eroded by atmospheric contamination, as well as internal debris particulates. Both types of impurities require similar filtration. PTI can also build custom filters to your exacting specifications.

For over 90 years, PTI Technologies Inc. has been a world leader in the design, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of high technology filter elements, modules, and filtration and fluid flow equipment.  PTI filters provide performance and reliability under the most demanding environments. PTI Technologies Inc. is the power behind fluid power.

Efficient design, development and production operations are the cornerstones of a successful filtration product. At PTI, we understand this better than anyone. With expert R&D and engineering departments–and a complete manufacturing and testing facility–we are uniquely equipped to translate your filtration concept and needs into unparalleled performance. At PTI we value our customers and take pride in knowing we’re a part of keeping your day moving—from theme park rides with the kids to a flight to your next important business meeting.

Contact us today to learn more about PTI Technologies and let the solutions we provide start working for you.