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Fly High with PTI’s Aerospace Distributors

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Fly High with PTI’s Aerospace Distributors

PTI Technologies Inc. engineers and manufactures quality filter solutions that advance the aerospace industry and keep fleets throughout the world operating at top performance. Over 90 years of innovation and a top-notch reputation distinguish PTI among aerospace distributors. And a proud part of our history is building a respected and reliable network of aerospace distributors that help keep PTI’s solutions readily available to meet the growing demand. We are a leading provider of filtration systems and solutions to the commercial transport, helicopter, military and corporate aviation markets. Our filtration products log more than 250 million flying hours annually. Aerospace distributors choose PTI as their number one choice for aerospace filter products because of our proven ability to create innovative and environmentally responsible filtration solutions.

Aerospace Distributors Love PTI’s Value:

At PTI, providing unprecedented products and value to our customers is our primary focus. PTI customers benefit by partnering with an accomplished team that is exceptionally skilled in problem solving and meeting the demanding needs of the aerospace industry. That dedication drives our products, our service and the worldwide network of distributors providing 24/7 service and support. Airlines and aircraft owners–in both the private and public sector–know the true value that PTI filters offer, and they understand how scarce that level of performance is. With a winning formula of talent, innovation, and a nearly century-old track record, PTI brings exceptional benefits to our customers—large and small. Here are just a few of the benefits that our customers have come to expect:

  • Increased aircraft engine uptime with high quality, rigorously tested, and long-lasting filter products
  • Minimized aircraft downtime with fast repair turnaround times
  • Assurance of product quality and longevity
  • Clean fuel that realizes efficient mileage
  • Tailored approach to meet the specific needs of our aerospace organizations around the world
  • Consistent service delivered through an unstoppable support team that relentlessly pursues your utmost satisfaction

Respect for the environment is a huge part of our operations and PTI Technologies helps spearhead the push to help aerospace organizations use resources wisely and responsibly. Each of our solutions help the aerospace industry reduce emissions while enjoying gains on their eco-friendly operations.

Find PTI Aerospace Distributors

PTI Technologies, Inc. works with the following international authorized distributors to provide worldwide support to large-scale clients such as Boeing, Douglas, and Lockheed, as well as small fleet operators and single aircraft owner/operators.

Here’s a list of PTI’s select group of approved and trained distributors:

Aviall – PTI Aerospace Distributors

Aviall is a Boeing company that provides aerospace parts and integrated supply chain solutions. They proudly keep the world in flight by providing aftermarket parts, equipment, and services for the aviation industry. Visit them here.

Ansett Aircraft Spares & Services – PTI Aerospace Distributors

Ansett Aircraft & Services is known for supplying its customers the right parts, at the right time. Their database contains source and engineering information spanning of two decades of commercial airline product support to help meet your needs. Contact them here.

Wencor Group – PTI Aerospace Distributors

Wencor Group provides aftermarket solutions to airline operators, repair stations, and military worldwide for over 6o years. Whether you’re in Europe, Asia, or South America, their world-class team is ready to assist. Learn more here.

Derco – PTI Aerospace Distributors

Derco, a Sikorsky company, has been providing full military and commercial logistics support since 1979. They offer a suite of fleet management solutions, including Spares Distribution, Logistics Solutions, Repair and Overhaul Services, and Technical Solutions. Give them a call at (414) 355-3066.

PTI filter solutions have a proud reputation and global presence through aerospace distributors that are leaders in the aerospace industry. We invite you to explore our proven solutions and reliable network of aerospace distributors.

For more advanced help and expert assessment regarding our products and aerospace distributors, and to be connected to an aerospace distributor near you contact PTI today.