PTI Technologies Will Attend the 2022 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

April 1, 2022

Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

Oxnard, California – 1 April, 2022 – PTI Technologies is set to attend the upcoming “2022 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit” hosted by the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) on April 3-5, 2022 in Nashville, TN. In conjunction with our Military Distribution Partner, Integrated Procurement Technologies (IPT), PTI’s 421® Metal Fiber Media flyers and capability brochures can be found in IPT’s Booth #1603 along with PTI representatives available for consultation.

“The AAAA Summit is always a great event to attend.  Having the entire Army Aviation community in one place at one time provides exclusive networking opportunities and thought-provoking conversations to help develop solutions to support the Warfighter,” said David Conrad, Vice President Business Development at PTI Technologies. “This event will be a great opportunity to showcase the success of our 421® Metal Fiber Media Filter Elements and what more they can offer Army Aviation for fuel, hydraulic and lube system applications.  Come stop by IPT’s booth #1603 to learn more.”

Featured Products at the Summit

421® Metal Fiber Media

PTI Technologies’ metal fiber filter media is the highest performance media on the market today. It will give you a higher purity end product, a lower pressure drop, and a higher contaminant retention capacity than either woven metallic wire cloth or sintered powder metal. 421® metal fiber media filter elements are ideal for filtration of high viscosity, high temperature, high vibration, dynamic, or corrosive fluid applications.

Other Products Supporting Military Platforms

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PTI Technologies is a world leader in highly-reliable filtration and fluid control equipment and subsystems and miniature CAD/PAD devices. Our product portfolio, used in hydraulics, fuel, thermal management, lubrication, bleed air, environmental air/cabin air, water systems, ejection seats, fire suppression, escape slides, missiles and munitions, is a direct result of our extensive engineering design experience and customer obsession.  PTI provides innovative, value-added solutions for a full range of mission, flight and life-critical operations across the Aerospace and Defense markets.

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