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Aerospace Modules/Manifolds

PTI Technologies engineers reliable, high-performance and fully integrated filtration solutions for aircraft fluid systems. PTI’s complex filtration and fluid control manifolds ensure maximum protection and efficiency against contaminants in systems with operating pressures up to 5,000 PSI. Technical innovation enhanced by our customer focus has made PTI a trusted partner in the aerospace market.

PTI has a extensive pedigree in commercial and military aviation, but we also produce products for business jets and regional aircraft. The hydraulic filter modules for the Falcon 7X are examples of complex multi-component modules and incorporate the following components:

  • Pressure, case drain and return filter elements
  • Relief, bypass and check valves
  • Pressure switches, pressure transducers
  • Electrical / visual delta-P indicators

In addition to multi-component modules, PTI also designs and manufacturers filter sub-assemblies for direct integration into engine, gearbox or pump housings. The engine lube filter sub-assembly for the JSF F-135 engine consists of a filter bowl, filter element and a combination valve assembly with by-pass, shut-off and reverse flow functions.

PTI Technologies designs and produces many of the hydraulic filtration components on Boeing’s family of aircraft. Our product content ranges from individual filter elements to complete integrated hydraulic system modules like the Boeing 767 Engine Driven Pump / Air Driven Pump Module.

PTI Technologies designs and produces many of the Hydraulic Filtration Applications on Boeing’s family of Aircraft. The Boeing 787 liquid cooling system provides cooling flow to the Primary Electronics Cooling System (PECS), the Integrated Cooling System (ICS) and the Forward Cargo Air Conditioning System (FCAC) – which PTI  provides the filtration package modules for all three systems.

PTI has developed a number of innovative filter designs and aviation firsts. The RR 250 Combined Engine Fuel Assembly filter module is a unique design which incorporates engine lube and fuel filters in the same module. This design provides significant weight savings and a smaller space claim as well as the added benefit of cooling the lube oil via thermal transfer with the relatively cool fuel.

PTI’s multi-component modules combine a number of functions into a compact package. The EJ 200 engine lube oil filter module for the Eurofighter incorporates both pressure and return lube oil filtration as well as bypass valves and electrical / visual indicators.

PTI’s custom-designed Radar Coolant Filter Module provides Liquid Cooling Filtration in support of the radar fluid systems integrated into one compact and efficient manifold providing greater reliability and improved maintainability.

Key Features:

  • Face Seal Design
  • Filters Polyalphaolefin (PAO)
  • 180 psi Operating Pressure
  • Differential Pressure Indicator
  • System Relief Valve
  • Shut-off Valve
  • Bypass Valve

PTI’s filter modules support military aircraft systems to handle vital functions – such as hydraulic actuation, fuel distribution, lubrication systems, environmental control, avionics and electronics all of which depend on fluid cleanliness to perform safely and reliably during mission-critical operations.

PTI’s filter modules are available on a wide range of military platforms such as:

  • F-35
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • F/A-18
  • B-2
  • U-2
  • KC-46
  • Eurofighter
PTI’s custom designed filter manifolds integrate independent fluid system into one compact and efficient manifold providing greater reliability and improved maintainability while optimizing weight and mission performance. International customers have selected PTI as their source for filtration and fluid control products.