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Aerospace Elements
Hydraulic Systems Image
Hydraulic Systems

PTI Technologies designs and produces a wide range of hydraulic filter elements used in today’s commercial and military aircraft and ground support systems. Filter elements comprised of depth-type filtration media combine high efficiency particle removal while optimizing contamination capacity. Operating environments include pressures up to 5,000 psid and temperatures ranging from -65°F to 350°F.

Engine Fuel, Lubrication and Pneumatic Systems Image
Engine Fuel, Lubrication and Pneumatic Systems

PTI provides filtration solutions for engine applications ranging from the PT6 to the PW4000 series engines. Applications include fuel, lubrication and pneumatic systems. Filter elements of the constructed of depth-type filtration media or woven wire mesh are offered in both disposable and cleanable configurations.

Screen and Strainer Image
Screen and Strainer

In addition to pleated filter elements, PTI provides screen, strainer and metal edge type filter elements for use in last chance, fuel wash flow, scavenge lube oil and other systems requiring protection for downstream components.

421® Robust Metal Fiber Media Image
421® Robust Metal Fiber Media

Drawing on our longstanding experience in the design, and production of metal fiber media filter elements, PTI has led development of improved hydraulic system filter elements for the US Army. Early tests have shown a significant improvement in system cleanliness, on stream life and resistance to cyclic flow contaminant migration.