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Innovative Filter Designs and Aviation Firsts

07:19 30 January in

Fuel Systems, Lube Systems and Gearboxes

PTI Technologies designs and produces highly efficient and effective systems that clean fuel, lube oil and transmission fluid.  We offer complete system solutions for aircraft, helicopter and engine fuel filtration including T-type filters and manifolds, replacement cartridge or spin-on filters, housings, clogging indicators, bypass valves, and visual / electrical bypass indicator systems.  In addition to pleated filter elements, PTI Technologies also provides screen, strainer and metal edge type filter elements for use in last chance, fuel wash flow, scavenge lube oil and other systems requiring contamination protection for downstream components.

Our extensive design and manufacturing capabilities includes filtration solutions for propulsion engine applications ranging from the PT6 to the PW4000 series to the F135 engines.  We also provide filtration solutions for auxiliary power units (APU’s), engine lube systems and gearbox / transmission applications for commercial and military applications.

In addition to multi-component modules, PTI also designs and manufacturers filter sub-assemblies for direct integration into engine, gearbox or pump housings. The engine lube filter sub-assembly for the JSF F-135 engine consists of a filter bowl, filter element and a combination valve assembly with by-pass, shut-off and reverse flow functions.

PTI has developed a number of innovative filter designs and aviation firsts. The RR 250 Combined Engine Fuel Assembly filter module is a unique design incorporating engine lube and fuel filters in the same module. This design provides significant weight savings and a smaller envelope as well as the added benefit of cooling the lube oil via thermal heat transfer with the relatively cool fuel.  PTI’s multi-component modules combine a number of functions into a compact package. The EJ 200 engine lube oil filter modules for the Eurofighter incorporates pressure and return lube oil filtration as well as bypass valves and electrical / visual indicators.

In addition to our fuel filtration expertise, PTI Technologies has just added additional fuel systems capabilities including numerous fuel control valves and Aerial Refueling Receptacles (ARR).  The Aerial Refueling Receptacle used on the F-15 and Boom Bypass Valve used on the KC-10 are just a couple examples of PTI’s aerial refueling products.  In fuel systems components, we provide fuel control / transfer valves (refuel / defuel valves), regulators, overpressure relief valves, shutoff valves (isolation valves), float valves and fuel jettison valves for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft (both military and civil aircraft) including the H-60 and S-92.