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Flexible and Customized Solutions for Filtration Products

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PTI Capabilities Overview

PTI has been synonymous with fluid control and filtration product innovation for over 90 years.  Some of our significant technical achievements include:

  • The first disposable, pleated Oil Filter for the automotive industry
  • A high pressure hydraulic filter element for the Boeing 727 and DC-9 transports
  • The first integrated filter manifold introduced on the Lockheed S3A Viking aircraft,
  • 5,000 psi systems on the Airbus’ A350 and Lockheed Martin’s Joint Strike Fighter,
  • CabinSafe™ filtration for airlines for fungus, bacteria and few viruses
  • Odor removal filtration for space station applications

Put simply: For almost a century, PTI has been developing and applying technology to solve unique filtration problems.

PTI Technologies routinely develops reliable, high-performance and fully integrated filtration solutions for aircraft fluid systems. PTI’s complex filtration and fluid control manifolds ensure maximum protection and efficiency against contaminants in systems with operating pressures up to 5,000 PSI. Technical innovation enhanced by our customer focus has made PTI a trusted partner throughout the aerospace market.  We bring a deep understanding of our customer’s applications to design filtration solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements.  Our engineers will use their longstanding experience and new technology to create the optimum product design for your specific application.

On both military and commercial aircraft, crews must monitor a complex array of instruments to ensure a safe and smooth flight. Many of their aircraft systems handle vital functions – such as hydraulic actuation, fuel distribution, lubrication systems, environmental control, potable water, avionics and electronics all of which depend on fluid cleanliness that is provided by effective filtration to operate safely and reliably.  We work closely with aircraft and system component Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that our filtration solutions meet or exceed the stringent requirements demanded by the industry. Decades of applications, design and manufacturing expertise and experience, enables PTI Technologies to respond with flexible and customized solutions to help our customers avoid contamination of fluid systems and component parts increasing useful life and enhance performance.