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Cooling Flight Critical Electronics

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Cooling Systems

Thermal management is crucial for both commercial and military aircraft.  Flight critical electronics generate significant heat and require an efficient thermal management system.  Galley systems need cooling to chill food and drink for passengers.  Cargo areas need cooling to prevent in-transit damage to cargo.  Many of these applications relay upon on liquid cooling systems and these systems need filtration to prevent contamination from degrading cooling performance.  PTI Technologies has developed and offers innovative filtration solutions for liquid cooling systems.

The liquid cooling system on the Boeing 787 provides cooling flow to the primary electronics, the galley and the forward cargo air conditioning system. Each system provides stand-alone operation in a fully integrated package of pump, motor, controller, filter and reservoir using propylene glycol as the cooling fluid.  The three packages on the 787 are the Primary Electronics Cooling System (PECS), the Integrated Cooling System (ICS) and the Forward Cargo Air Conditioning System (FCAC).  PTI Technologies provides the filtration package modules for all three systems.

PTI Technologies also has designed and provided filtration systems for electronics cooling on a number of unmanned aerial vehicle programs.